Pedestrian struck by Light Rail Train in Denver 02/11/17

02/11/17 Denver, CO – A man was struck overnight on this date by a RTD Light Rail train at the Light Rail station located at I-25 and Louisiana Ave. in Denver.  The accident occurred around 1AM which was in the same time frame and in the same proximity as Denver District 3 police were searching for a man who was reportedly shirtless and acting crazy in the median that divides I-25 near Washington Street.  The cops were unable to locate the strange man on I-25, but just moments later a 911 report of a train vs. pedestrian accident at the Louisiana station came in.  Denver fire and paramedics wheeled a victim out of the elevator on the platform of the station and rushed that person to the hospital lights and siren.  The accident is under investigation as of this writing.  The extent of the victim’s injures are not known to us at this time nor can we say for certain if the person who was struck by the train is the same man who was acting oddly in the middle of I-25.  See the HD video here to learn more of the incident.  Shane Anthony reporting

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I-225 and Yosemite crash injures several, sends one car down embankment 02/04/17

02/04/17 Aurora, CO:  A 2-car crash on southbound I-225 sent several people to the hospital today and propelled a sedan through a fence and down the highway embankment today.  The mid-afternoon crash called for a sizable fire/rescue response from both Aurora and Denver.  A witness to the crash told that a driver in the sedan was traveling southbound on I-225 when he clipped a van on the shoulder of the road which had run out of gas and was full of occupants.  The sedan then traveled down the embankment on the west side of the interstate, coming to rest on the other side of a highway security fence.  Several people were injured but all seemed to be walking-wounded when arrived on the scene.  The Colorado State Patrol handled the crash investigation.  No other information was provide at the scene.  Shane Anthony reporting

Above are photos of today’s accident scene at Southbound I-225 and Yosemite Street.  Photos by Shane Anthony

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Hit and run crash at Jamaica and Iliff traps one, destroys car 02/03/17

02/03/17 Aurora, CO – An Aurora Fire Rescue (AFR) Medical Officer stumbled across a serious hit-and-run crash right outside of Aurora Fire Station 11 around 9PM this evening.  AFR MED-2 was leaving the station non-emergent to respond to an accident in North A-Town when he came across a serious hit-and-run accident which had just occurred on E. Iliff Ave. at S. Jamaica Street.  Finding at least one person trapped inside a rear-ended hatch-back, MED-2 called for multiple other Aurora Fire Rescue resources including trucks for extraction and 2 ambulances.  Witnesses to the crash told this reporter that a large utility truck had been westbound on Iliff Ave. when it rear-ended the little hatch-back pinning at least one occupant.  According the the witnesses the utility truck then proceeded west on Iliff Ave. fleeing the scene.  Due to the heavy damage done to the little car it can be assumed that the utility truck sustained substantial damage as well.  Firefighters and paramedics used heavy equipment to extricate the one victim.  Two ambulances transported an unknown total number of victims to a local hospital(s).  Aurora Fire Rescue has rolled on multiple calls this evening.  MED-2 told me that this night might continue to prove busy for Aurora Fire and Police.  Shane Anthony reporting


This car was virtually destroyed by a hit-and-run driver in a crash that left at least one person trapped at E. Iliff Ave. and S. Jamaica St. in Aurora.  Photo by Shane Anthony

Below is an EXCLUSIVE Slideshow of the injury hit-and-run crash at Iliff and Jamaica.  Photos by Shane Anthony

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Aurora PD Car gets blasted in injury crash at Colfax and Laredo 02/03/16

02/03/17 Aurora, CO – EXCLUSIVE.  An APD Police car and at least one other car were seriously damaged in a injury crash that occurred in the intersection of E. Colfax Ave. and N. Laredo Streets this evening.  The accident occurred around 6PM on this date.  The police car came to rest a couple of hundred yards east of the intersection.  The cop car sustained heavy damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle.  Another car, a sedan, sustained substantial front end damage and was observed by this reporter on the back of a tow truck at the scene.  Aurora Fire Rescue responded to the scene with the report of injuries.  Eastbound Colfax was closed for about an hour while police investigated the crash.  It is not known at this time what led up to the accident or who may have been at fault.  The extent of injuries is not known at this time.  The crash is under investigation as of this writing.  Shane Anthony reporting


An APD Police car is smashed near the intersection of E. Colfax Ave. and N. Laredo Streets in Aurora.  Exclusive photo by Shane Anthony

Below is an Exclusive Slideshow of the cop car crash at Colfax and Laredo on 02/03/17.  Photos by Shane Anthony

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Aurora Junior Firefighter is presented new fire gear at Fire Station 11, 10/15/16

10/15/16 Aurora, CO – Well Folks, I’m very pleased to present this story to you today.  A few weeks ago brought you a story of young Reily Doi-Jared, a 6 year old Aurora boy who showed up to “assist” Aurora Fire Rescue at the scene of a structure fire on S. Pitkin Way in Aurora.  First let me say that our thoughts go out to the residents of that fire, and we hope that they are well on their way to recovery from that fire.  So as for our story on young Reily the aspiring firefighter, well that little story went Viral on the Internet 2 weeks ago and today, we are delighted to offer you a heart-warming follow up to that story.  The exclusive pictures and video of Reily interacting with members of Aurora Fire Rescue at that fire were so compelling that folks all over the world reacted with praise and pleasure to all of those who were involved.


Above was a Facebook screen-shot from Turkey (of all places) from our previous coverage of Reily Doi-Jared at the south Pitkin Way structure fire.

Today, at Aurora Fire Station number 11, members of Aurora Fire Rescue and former Colorado small-town Police Chief Steve Davis took time out of their busy schedules to meet with Reily and his Mom Elizabeth and to thank young Reily for his civic duty and interest in The Fire Service.  Lieutenant Thomas McKay, an Aurora Fire EMS Supervisor, along with Retired Police Chief Davis and other Aurora firefighters surprised Reily with brand-new junior firefighter bunker-gear (his previous gear was just a wee bit small for him).  Lt. McKay and the members of Station 11 then gave Reily the royal junior firefighter treatment that included: A tour of the firehouse, getting to operate lights and sirens on fire apparatus, holding a real firehose and finally eating a spaghetti lunch with the members of Fire Station 11.  At one point, retired Police Chief Davis even presented Reily with his prized (and highly sentimental) AAA Safety Officer badge that he had earned many moons ago when he was also an aspiring first-responder in elementary school.


Reily Doi-Jared gives Lt. Thomas McKay a high-five while donning his new firefighter bunker-gear Photo by Shane Anthony


Reily shakes the hand of retired small town Police Chief Steve Davis – Photo by Shane Anthony

dsc_3006  Reily gets instruction on using a real firehose while 9News looks on – Photo by Shane Anthony


Reily in a SCBA breathing mask – Photo by Shane Anthony

Many thanks to all of Aurora Fire Rescue, The AFR Public Information officers, Steve Davis, and both Reily and his Mom for making us part of this fantastic Fall day at Fire Station 11.  Shane Anthony reporting:

To further enjoy today’s wonderful firehouse event, please visit the slideshow below.

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Utility truck slams into tree on S. Chambers Road 10/04/16


A utility truck comes to rest wrapped around a tree.  Photo by Shane Anthony

10/04/16 – Aurora, CO: Around 3PM on this date Aurora Fire Rescue and APD received a report of a truck vs. tree accident on S. Chambers Road just north of East Quincy Ave.  Upon arrival at the intersection of S. Chambers Rd. and S. Chambers Way First-Responders observed a welding utility truck had slammed into a large pine tree on the West side of the street.  The driver (and sole occupant) of the truck was seriously trapped in the twisted wreckage of the utility truck.  AFD immediately began an extensive rescue and extrication effort of the trapped driver.  The southbound lanes of Chambers Road were closed for an extended period of time during the rescue operation.  The extrication took approximately 45 minutes as firefighters cut the top of the truck off with Jaws-of-Life and numerous other powered extrication tools.  The driver was freed after the lengthy extrication process and was transported lights and siren to a local hospital.  Aurora Police investigated the accident at length after the serious crash.  No details were made available about the  crash or the crash investigation to at the scene.  The driver’s condition is unknown to us as of this writing.  Shane Anthony reporting


Here is a close up shot of the truck vs. tree crash.  Photo by Shane Anthony

Below is a slideshow of the truck vs. tree crash on S. Chambers Road on 10/04/16.  Exclusive photos by Shane Anthony

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Junior Firefighter comes to aid of AFD at structure fire 09/25/16

Aurora, CO – 09/25/16: Well Folks, today’s fire was serious for certain, but one bright spot came out of today’s fire incident on South Pitkin Way.  An aspiring young firefighter by the name of Reily Doi-Jared, age 6, appeared on the scene and offered his “services” to Aurora Firefighters.  Reily and his mom Elizabeth spotted the smoke from their home a few blocks away.  As though an alarm bell was ringing, Reily sprung into action by grabbing his 3 year-old Halloween costume, jumped into his junior bunker gear, donned his Chief’s helmut and made his mom drive him to the fire scene.  At the scene, AFD firefighters took a short break from overhauling the fire to greet Reily and talk shop with him.  The young man even received an honorary police badge from a police officer at the scene as well.  Reily told me he had met firefighters before but said “This is my first time to a real fire!”  If you can believe it, it seemed so obvious to me that I forgot to ask Reily what he wants to be when he grows up.  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it will have something to do with First Responders!  PS. Mom, I think Reily has about outgrown his bunker gear.  Maybe some new firefighting gear is in order for this Halloween 🙂  Shane Anthony reporting


Reily Doi discusses firefighting with Lt. Tom McKay an Aurora EMS Medical Supervisor – Photo by Shane Anthony


Reily Doi, aspiring Aurora Fire Chief  at today’s fire scene- Photo by Shane Anthony

Below is a slideshow of Reily interacting with firefighters at the scene of today’s structure fire.  Photos by Shane Anthony

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