Dramatic Rescue of would-be Interstate Bridge-Jumper

08/12/14 Aurora, CO – A dramatic scene unfolded this evening at I-225 and E. 6th Ave. as a man poised himself to either jump of fall off of I-225 onto busy 6th avenue several stories below.  The event took place shortly before 9PM this evening.  This reporter first heard of the incident on the police scanner and upon my arrival I clearly saw the man on the edge of the I-225 bridge.  The man was separated from police and other rescuers by a highway fence. In the following dramatic still pics and an amazing video you can see how the scene progressed.  The incident ended after about 30 minutes when APD officers and other rescue personal made a daring rescue and pulled the man back over the fence to safety.  The man could be seen kicking and wriggling as rescuers pulled him to safety.  The interstate was slowed down to a crawl as the incident took place.  Thankfully the man was saved but he was taken by ambulance from the scene.  Kudos to Aurora PD, Aurora Fire Rescue and all who were involved in saving this man’s live tonight!  Shane Anthony reporting AuroraNews1.com

Below: The dramatic bridge would-be-jumper scene.  Photos by Shane Anthony AuroraNews1.com

Man over Interstate I-225

Man over Interstate I-225 at E. 6th Ave. AuroraNews1.com

Man poised to jump or fall off of I-225 bridge

Man poised to jump or fall off of I-225 bridge AuroraNews1.com

Bridge Rescue wide shot

I-225 Bridge Rescue wide shot AuroraNews1.com

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I'm a 33 year veteran news photographer/reporter in Denver, Colorado. I love the thrill of chasing a big and breaking news story and sharing it with the public.
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