Citizens chase down and arrest fleeing car crash suspect

08/16/14 Aurora, CO – Breaking News, Exclusive Report:  Around 4PM today two citizens sprung into action immediately following a car crash and chased a fleeing car crash suspect, ending with a dramatic citizen take-down of that suspect.  The crash, described as high-speed by the two citizen-heroes occurred at the intersection of S. Moline St. and E. Exposition Ave. which is a residential neighborhood.  Aaron Gonzalez, a visiting army soldier, and neighborhood resident Misty Rose heard a large crash and looked out to see the accident.  They then witnessed a Hispanic male driver of a white car fleeing the scene of the crash on foot.  Misty tried to speak to the man in Spanish but he continued fleeing eastbound on Expo from the scene.  Misty says Aaron then looked like “Superman” and pursued the escaping suspect at a full gallop even jumping over small fences and through yards.  The event ended with Aaron taking down the fleeing hit-and-run suspect and with both citizens restraining the suspect for several minutes until cops arrived.  The suspect was transported by ambulance with possible injuries from the car accident.  The female driver (and victim) of the crash was scraped and shaken up by the incident as her airbags had deployed.  Aaron received some scratches from the suspect but was no worse for the wear because he is Army Strong!!  A cop at the scene told Aaron he should apply to APD as a cop, which he says he might even do!  Reporter Shane Anthony

Below is a photo gallery of the crash and dramatic citizen’s arrest scene:  Exclusive Photos by Shane Anthony

crash site wide shot

Crash site wide shot at S. Moline St. and E. Exposition Ave.

Below a cop directs traffic,  The crash victim talks to police

cop directs traffic crash victim talks to police

Below the suspect’s abandoned white car,  Aaron Gonzalez and Misty Rose celebrate their citizen’s arrest team work with a High Five!

suspect car high five

Below, the crash victim thanks the two citizen heroes with a warm hug 🙂  Both Misty and Aaron (with his daughter) pose in front of the crash scene.

hugs for citizen heros foot-chase heros

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I'm a 33 year veteran news photographer/reporter in Denver, Colorado. I love the thrill of chasing a big and breaking news story and sharing it with the public.
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