Injury car crash closes E. Hampden Ave. at S. Telluride St. 09/01/14

09/01/14 Aurora, CO – Breaking News Report: Around 2AM this morning a serious-looking accident closed the eastbound lanes of E. Hampden Ave. at S. Telluride St. in Southeast Aurora.  The multi-car crash involved between 2 and 3 cars, one which struck and knocked over a street light pole.  Aurora Fire responded with APD and had to extricate at least one crash victim.  Scanner radio traffic stated the most severely damaged car had rolled at least once.  This reporter observed 2 City of Aurora ambulances (Rural-Metro ambos) transporting at least two victims as I approached the crash scene.  The extent of injuries and exact number victims is unknown as of this writing.  After 2 hours of investigation, eastbound Hampden is just now reopening as of this writing at 4:07AM.  It us unknown to at this time who was at fault in the crash.  Shane Anthony reporting

Below is a photo slide show of the injury car crash at E. Hampden Ave. and S. Telluride St. early this morning: Photos by Shane Anthony

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I'm a 33 year veteran news photographer/reporter in Denver, Colorado. I love the thrill of chasing a big and breaking news story and sharing it with the public.
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