Cops nab serial home-invasion suspect at gun-point in The Shores 09/01/14

09/01/14 Aurora, CO – Breaking News.  Exclusive News Report: Around 11:30PM tonight scores of Aurora Cops descended upon “The Shores” town home complex located at S. Parker Rd. and S. Lansing Way and captured a suspected serial burglar-home invader who had hit the complex several times tonight.  Aurora PD made a gun-point arrest of this guy who may have even been armed with a knife while committing his crime-spree this evening.  The cops took no chances with this bad character prior to his apprehension, dispatching K-9 cars and even putting out reverse 911 calls to residents of The Shores and Dam West warning them of his criminal and dangerous activities.  In a tense moment officers held the suspect at gun-point while numerous other cops from APD and Arapahoe County Sheriff poured into the scene to assist with the arrest.  Aurora cops recovered stolen cell phones and a purse from the suspect at the time of his arrest.  Kudos to Lt. Chad Cerinich of APD District 1 and his officers for a superb criminal apprehension tonight!  Shane Anthony Reporting

Below is an exclusive photo slide show of The Shores home invasion-burglary arrest scene.  Photos by Shane Anthony

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I'm a 33 year veteran news photographer/reporter in Denver, Colorado. I love the thrill of chasing a big and breaking news story and sharing it with the public.
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