Greenwood Village barricaded gunman update 06/04/15

06/04/15 Greenwood Village, CO – 5:15 AM  The neighborhood that has been affected for 15 hours by a dramatic police standoff continues to reel from police activity.  Most of the residents in the 4200 block of S. Alton St. have spent the night with no power or running water as the cops try to flush out a gunman who broke into a house here yesterday around 2PM.  Police continue to flood the house with teargas in hope of driving the suspect out of the house.  At one point during the night police were under serious fire from the bad guy as he shot at them through the floorboards of the home.  Police BEARCAT armored vehicles have pounded the house trying to get an eyeball on the suspect.   In addition, police ordinance specialists have detonated several explosions during the night in an effort to either see the suspect or flush him out of the house.  Police robots have surveyed the house interior for the bad guy but the robots have suffered damage from the police detonations or gotten stuck in damaged house debris.  The house has been something of a controlled war-zone all night long as the cops have mounted a life and death hunt for this fugitive in this house.  The 9 year old boy who was in the house when the crook broke in escaped yesterday with no injuries.  Another large police blast just breached the house again rattling shell-shocked neighbors even more.  Lets hope the cops get take this guy out alive soon.  Our police officers are risking their lives in Greenwood Village tonight and they have shown incredible restraint.  Lets keep them in our thoughts.  Shane Anthony reporting

An Aurora PD BEARCAT vehicle from yesterday.  Exclusive photo by Shane Anthony

An Aurora PD BEARCAT vehicle from yesterday 06/03/15.  Exclusive photo by Shane Anthony

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I'm a 33 year veteran news photographer/reporter in Denver, Colorado. I love the thrill of chasing a big and breaking news story and sharing it with the public.
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  1. Dave Westin says:

    Great coverage
    I’ll be watching your blog for updates!

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