Denver Cops arrest 2 driving Police style sedan 02/20/16

Denver District 4 arrests 10

The Police-Style sedan sits in an industrial parking lot.  Exclusive photo by Shane Anthony  /

Denver DIstric 4 arrests 6

One male suspect is detained this morning.  Exclusive Photo by Shane Anthony /

02/20/16 Denver, CO: Urgent-Breaking News-Exclusive:  Southwest Denver, the vicinity of S. Platte River Drive and S. Jason St. – Around 3AM this morning a very astute Denver District 4 police officer spotted and radioed in a maroon older Ford Crown Victoria sedan in this neighborhood near Ruby Hill.  The vehicle had apparent emergency lights in the rear window and a police style radio antenna mounted on the trunk.  The officer noted to police Dispatch that the older sedan matched the description of a possible vehicle which had been used in a dangerous and brazen armed robbery about a week ago in Northwest Denver.  In that incident, 2 armed men posing as police officers conducted a bogus traffic stop, then they handcuffed a citizen-driver and robbed him of cash.  The District 4 patrol cop and covering officers stopped this morning’s maroon Crown Vic and ordered two people, and man and a woman out of that car at gunpoint.  The car stop took place behind an industrial office complex in Southwest Denver.

Denver Distric 4 arrests 8

A female suspect is photographed in security guard garb.  Exclusive Photo by Shane Anthony /

After the high-risk car stop, Denver cops detained the male and female suspects in separate patrol cars while uniformed officers investigated the older sedan and its contents.  Police photographed the  two suspects who were both wearing dark clothing that bore multiple patches or badges that had the word “Security Officer” emblazoned on them, and american flags on the uniforms as well.  Upon further investigation, and much to this Reporter’s surprise, an investigating officer flipped a switch that lit the old Police-Style cruiser up like a red and blue, LED and strobe-powered Christmas tree, complete with a siren wailing and chirping.  Now all suspects in our Criminal Justice system are certainly innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and there is as of yet no official word from Denver PD about these two suspects and their possible relationship (if any) to last week’s phony and dangerous cops, but with all of this having been said, it’s likely to this Reporter that these two were up to no good early this morning in Southwest Denver.  The two suspects were detained and questioned at the scene for almost 2 hours until the maroon sedan was finally towed to an impound location and the two suspects were transported by the cops to DPD.  The exact charges against the man and woman are not known to us as of this writing, but at the very least, it is a misdemeanor in Colorado for Civilians to possess red and blue lights in a car, much less to drive a Police-Style sedan, complete with powerful blinking lights and strobes throughout, and a screeching siren mounted under the hood. / has chosen to mask the identities of these 2 night-stalkers until (and unless) the Denver Cops choose to release mug shots of the two.

As for the keen-eyed (and as of this moment unnamed) Denver District 4 officer who made the traffic stop this morning, thank you Sir for helping to keep our community safe and a  job well done! Shane Anthony reporting /

Below is an Exclusive slideshow of this morning’s arrest in Southwest Denver.  Exclusive photos by Shane Anthony /

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Remember Folks!  You saw this Exclusive Report here first!!!  Stay tuned for more on this incident including exclusive video!  Shane Anthony

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