A Word From the Publisher of AuroraNews1.com

09/25/16 – Dear viewers: This is Shane Anthony the Publisher of AuroraNews1.com  First and foremost, my apologies for not updating this site for many months.  My day-job and Life have gotten in the way of this little news site for the last year or so.  As a career Journalist, I love to chase news and I am very competitive about doing so in Metro Denver and Aurora, CO.  AuroraNews1.com had been a passion of mine in the past, but I found it very difficult to continue the rigorous duties of Aurora news-gathering while working my regular job as a freelance Television News Photographer.  It is also hard to pour time, resources and money into a small news operation that to date never earned a nickel.


Shane Anthony pictured here. AuroraNews1.com Publisher – Photo by David Smith

However, I am in the process of revamping this site and most likely rolling it into a bigger and better news site that will serve more of the Denver Metro area.  Also, it should be noted that over this past summer, the Aurora Colorado Police Department switched to a Digitally Encrypted (Private) Radio System that can No Longer be monitored by either the Public or the News Media with any type of consumer scanner.  More on this subject later, but what it means is that the Denver Media is missing more First Responder calls of interest in Aurora Colorado than ever before!  If you followed my site in the past (or if you take a look at the archives) you will understand that Police and Fire Department scanners are the backbone of this news site!  Fortunately, thanks to former Aurora Fire Department Dispatcher (friend of mine and Scanner Genius) Curt Mann, I still have limited monitoring of City of Aurora emergency services.  I will tell you that I have more monitoring capabilities as of this date than the other news Agencies in Denver and Aurora, and I take my cop car, fire truck and ambulance chasing Very Seriously!  I will not be deterred by the APD Radio System Switch Over!

When news happens in Aurora and I’m available, I’ll likely be there first, and the TV Stations and News Papers will follow only after the Cops Tweet them about incidents!  Also People, I have to find a way to monotize this little news gathering operation.  The TV Stations in Denver gross in the Tens of Millions of dollars each year but I still beat them to A-Town stories when I am available to do so!  All I need is enough money to keep gas in my tank and the lights on in my office Folks!  Lets put our heads together in the near future and find a way to do this together.  If good Breaking-News coverage and excellent news-photos mean anything to you, please drop me a line and show your support.  If enough people rally around me we can do something big with AuroraNews1.com and its future look, whatever form that takes.  So enough for now.  I’ve got my second wind for this project.  Lets get to publishing, reading and promoting AuroraNews1.com. All my best!  Shane Anthony – Publisher: AuroraNews1.com

About tvhotshot

I'm a 33 year veteran news photographer/reporter in Denver, Colorado. I love the thrill of chasing a big and breaking news story and sharing it with the public.
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2 Responses to A Word From the Publisher of AuroraNews1.com

  1. Dawn says:

    I personally prefer to see news from you than any of the other news chains. You clearly have some compassion, professionalism, and ethics that are lacking elsewhere. I found out about your site directly from an Aurora Police Officer two years ago who loves your site and sent me over here to see “real” Aurora news without the media twist to make every story more racial or political. I’d pay a fee for access to the site. Not very familiar with other ways to make sites lucrative on the internet but I could handle it if you had to resort to advertisements on the site. Best of luck to you. I’d like to see you keep it up.

    • tvhotshot says:

      Hey Dawn! Shane Anthony here from AuroraNews1.com Thank you for taking the time to post such a thoughtful comment on my site! Your message was very timely and I greatly appreciate all the kudos and kind words. It’s readers like you that keep me swinging away with this little news site. All my best and please spread the word of AuroraNews1.com so we can grow together. All my best! Shane A.

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