Junior Firefighter comes to aid of AFD at structure fire 09/25/16

Aurora, CO – 09/25/16: Well Folks, today’s fire was serious for certain, but one bright spot came out of today’s fire incident on South Pitkin Way.  An aspiring young firefighter by the name of Reily Doi-Jared, age 6, appeared on the scene and offered his “services” to Aurora Firefighters.  Reily and his mom Elizabeth spotted the smoke from their home a few blocks away.  As though an alarm bell was ringing, Reily sprung into action by grabbing his 3 year-old Halloween costume, jumped into his junior bunker gear, donned his Chief’s helmut and made his mom drive him to the fire scene.  At the scene, AFD firefighters took a short break from overhauling the fire to greet Reily and talk shop with him.  The young man even received an honorary police badge from a police officer at the scene as well.  Reily told me he had met firefighters before but said “This is my first time to a real fire!”  If you can believe it, it seemed so obvious to me that I forgot to ask Reily what he wants to be when he grows up.  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it will have something to do with First Responders!  PS. Mom, I think Reily has about outgrown his bunker gear.  Maybe some new firefighting gear is in order for this Halloween 🙂  Shane Anthony reporting AuroraNews1.com


Reily Doi discusses firefighting with Lt. Tom McKay an Aurora EMS Medical Supervisor – Photo by Shane Anthony AuroraNews1.com


Reily Doi, aspiring Aurora Fire Chief  at today’s fire scene- Photo by Shane Anthony AuroraNews1.com

Below is a slideshow of Reily interacting with firefighters at the scene of today’s structure fire.  Photos by Shane Anthony AuroraNews1.com

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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6 Responses to Junior Firefighter comes to aid of AFD at structure fire 09/25/16

  1. Dave Westin says:

    Great story Shane!

  2. Doug says:

    That’s what we need in our communities… true leadership from both Reily and the AFD.

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