Utility truck slams into tree on S. Chambers Road 10/04/16


A utility truck comes to rest wrapped around a tree.  Photo by Shane Anthony AuroraNews1.com

10/04/16 – Aurora, CO: Around 3PM on this date Aurora Fire Rescue and APD received a report of a truck vs. tree accident on S. Chambers Road just north of East Quincy Ave.  Upon arrival at the intersection of S. Chambers Rd. and S. Chambers Way First-Responders observed a welding utility truck had slammed into a large pine tree on the West side of the street.  The driver (and sole occupant) of the truck was seriously trapped in the twisted wreckage of the utility truck.  AFD immediately began an extensive rescue and extrication effort of the trapped driver.  The southbound lanes of Chambers Road were closed for an extended period of time during the rescue operation.  The extrication took approximately 45 minutes as firefighters cut the top of the truck off with Jaws-of-Life and numerous other powered extrication tools.  The driver was freed after the lengthy extrication process and was transported lights and siren to a local hospital.  Aurora Police investigated the accident at length after the serious crash.  No details were made available about the  crash or the crash investigation to AuroraNews1.com at the scene.  The driver’s condition is unknown to us as of this writing.  Shane Anthony reporting AuroraNews1.com


Here is a close up shot of the truck vs. tree crash.  Photo by Shane Anthony AuroraNews1.com

Below is a slideshow of the truck vs. tree crash on S. Chambers Road on 10/04/16.  Exclusive photos by Shane Anthony AuroraNews1.com

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