South Pitkin Way fire damages apartment building 09/25/16


Firefighters exit building on South Pitkin Way – Photo by Shane Anthony

Aurora, CO- 09/25/16: An afternoon fire damaged a 3-story apartment complex late this afternoon.  Around 5PM the Aurora Fire Department responded in force to a call of an apartment building on fire.  Fire crews responding to the scene reported smoke visible from two miles away.  Upon arrival fire crews observed heavy smoke and flames coming from the apartment building.  The fire occurred at 2286 S. Pitkin Way in southeast Aurora. No reports of injuries were made known to at the scene but the fire gutted several units of the complex and damage appeared pretty heavy to at least several units.  Fire crews extinguished the fire quickly but spent quite a while overhauling the fire scene and mopping up hot spots.  AFD arson investigators were called to the scene but the cause of the fire remains under investigation.  Shane Anthony reporting


Aurora Firefighters get a knock on an apartment fire – Photo by Shane Anthony


A window view of the fire – Photo by Shane Anthony


Strange beauty at the fire scene – Photo by Shane Anthony



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A Word From the Publisher of

09/25/16 – Dear viewers: This is Shane Anthony the Publisher of  First and foremost, my apologies for not updating this site for many months.  My day-job and Life have gotten in the way of this little news site for the last year or so.  As a career Journalist, I love to chase news and I am very competitive about doing so in Metro Denver and Aurora, CO. had been a passion of mine in the past, but I found it very difficult to continue the rigorous duties of Aurora news-gathering while working my regular job as a freelance Television News Photographer.  It is also hard to pour time, resources and money into a small news operation that to date never earned a nickel.


Shane Anthony pictured here. Publisher – Photo by David Smith

However, I am in the process of revamping this site and most likely rolling it into a bigger and better news site that will serve more of the Denver Metro area.  Also, it should be noted that over this past summer, the Aurora Colorado Police Department switched to a Digitally Encrypted (Private) Radio System that can No Longer be monitored by either the Public or the News Media with any type of consumer scanner.  More on this subject later, but what it means is that the Denver Media is missing more First Responder calls of interest in Aurora Colorado than ever before!  If you followed my site in the past (or if you take a look at the archives) you will understand that Police and Fire Department scanners are the backbone of this news site!  Fortunately, thanks to former Aurora Fire Department Dispatcher (friend of mine and Scanner Genius) Curt Mann, I still have limited monitoring of City of Aurora emergency services.  I will tell you that I have more monitoring capabilities as of this date than the other news Agencies in Denver and Aurora, and I take my cop car, fire truck and ambulance chasing Very Seriously!  I will not be deterred by the APD Radio System Switch Over!

When news happens in Aurora and I’m available, I’ll likely be there first, and the TV Stations and News Papers will follow only after the Cops Tweet them about incidents!  Also People, I have to find a way to monotize this little news gathering operation.  The TV Stations in Denver gross in the Tens of Millions of dollars each year but I still beat them to A-Town stories when I am available to do so!  All I need is enough money to keep gas in my tank and the lights on in my office Folks!  Lets put our heads together in the near future and find a way to do this together.  If good Breaking-News coverage and excellent news-photos mean anything to you, please drop me a line and show your support.  If enough people rally around me we can do something big with and its future look, whatever form that takes.  So enough for now.  I’ve got my second wind for this project.  Lets get to publishing, reading and promoting All my best!  Shane Anthony – Publisher:

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Denver Cops arrest 2 driving Police style sedan 02/20/16

Denver District 4 arrests 10

The Police-Style sedan sits in an industrial parking lot.  Exclusive photo by Shane Anthony  /

Denver DIstric 4 arrests 6

One male suspect is detained this morning.  Exclusive Photo by Shane Anthony /

02/20/16 Denver, CO: Urgent-Breaking News-Exclusive:  Southwest Denver, the vicinity of S. Platte River Drive and S. Jason St. – Around 3AM this morning a very astute Denver District 4 police officer spotted and radioed in a maroon older Ford Crown Victoria sedan in this neighborhood near Ruby Hill.  The vehicle had apparent emergency lights in the rear window and a police style radio antenna mounted on the trunk.  The officer noted to police Dispatch that the older sedan matched the description of a possible vehicle which had been used in a dangerous and brazen armed robbery about a week ago in Northwest Denver.  In that incident, 2 armed men posing as police officers conducted a bogus traffic stop, then they handcuffed a citizen-driver and robbed him of cash.  The District 4 patrol cop and covering officers stopped this morning’s maroon Crown Vic and ordered two people, and man and a woman out of that car at gunpoint.  The car stop took place behind an industrial office complex in Southwest Denver.

Denver Distric 4 arrests 8

A female suspect is photographed in security guard garb.  Exclusive Photo by Shane Anthony /

After the high-risk car stop, Denver cops detained the male and female suspects in separate patrol cars while uniformed officers investigated the older sedan and its contents.  Police photographed the  two suspects who were both wearing dark clothing that bore multiple patches or badges that had the word “Security Officer” emblazoned on them, and american flags on the uniforms as well.  Upon further investigation, and much to this Reporter’s surprise, an investigating officer flipped a switch that lit the old Police-Style cruiser up like a red and blue, LED and strobe-powered Christmas tree, complete with a siren wailing and chirping.  Now all suspects in our Criminal Justice system are certainly innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and there is as of yet no official word from Denver PD about these two suspects and their possible relationship (if any) to last week’s phony and dangerous cops, but with all of this having been said, it’s likely to this Reporter that these two were up to no good early this morning in Southwest Denver.  The two suspects were detained and questioned at the scene for almost 2 hours until the maroon sedan was finally towed to an impound location and the two suspects were transported by the cops to DPD.  The exact charges against the man and woman are not known to us as of this writing, but at the very least, it is a misdemeanor in Colorado for Civilians to possess red and blue lights in a car, much less to drive a Police-Style sedan, complete with powerful blinking lights and strobes throughout, and a screeching siren mounted under the hood. / has chosen to mask the identities of these 2 night-stalkers until (and unless) the Denver Cops choose to release mug shots of the two.

As for the keen-eyed (and as of this moment unnamed) Denver District 4 officer who made the traffic stop this morning, thank you Sir for helping to keep our community safe and a  job well done! Shane Anthony reporting /

Below is an Exclusive slideshow of this morning’s arrest in Southwest Denver.  Exclusive photos by Shane Anthony /

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember Folks!  You saw this Exclusive Report here first!!!  Stay tuned for more on this incident including exclusive video!  Shane Anthony

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Horrific S. Colorado Blvd. Crash Kills 2, Injures 6, 01/03/16

S. Colorado Blvd and E. Mexico Fatal Crash 1

This South Colorado Blvd. Crash killed 2 and injured 6.  Photo by Shane Anthony /

01/03/15 – Denver, CO: A Horrific Four-Car crash today has claimed the lives of 2 people and injured 6 others this afternoon.  The crash which occurred at the intersection on S. Colorado Blvd. and E. Mexico Avenue (just North of I-25) occurred around 2:20 PM on this date.   Denver Police state that just prior to the fatal crash, members of the Denver Fire Department had responded to a report of a man slumped over the wheel of a car at S. Colorado Blvd. and E. Evans Ave.  When contacted by the firefighters, the man reportedly drove away from that location.  Moments later that man was involved in the severe 4-car crash several blocks north at S. Colorado Blvd. and E. Mexico Ave.  The crash injured 6 and killed 2.  One person was pronounced dead at the crash scene.  A total of 7 people were transported to local hospitals including the driver of the car from the original slumping-man scene.  His condition is unknown.  4 of those transported were reportedly in serious condition and 1 person who was transported died at a local hospital.  The crash looked like a bomb had gone off with debris scattered everywhere.  Dozens of spectators lined Colorado Blvd. to observe and photograph the severe crash.  Denver Police accident investigators kept Colorado Blvd. closed for several hours while they investigated the fatal accident.  Shane Anthony reporting: /

S. Colorado Blvd and E. Mexico Crash 2

Photo by Shane Anthony /

S. Colorado Blvd and E. Mexico Crash 3

Photo by Shane Anthony /

S. Colorado Blvd. and E. Mexico Crash 4

Photo by Shane Anthony /

Below is a slideshow of today’s fatal crash located at S. Colorado Blvd. and E. Mexico Ave.  Photos by Shane Anthony /

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Greenwood Village barricaded gunman update 06/04/15

06/04/15 Greenwood Village, CO – 5:15 AM  The neighborhood that has been affected for 15 hours by a dramatic police standoff continues to reel from police activity.  Most of the residents in the 4200 block of S. Alton St. have spent the night with no power or running water as the cops try to flush out a gunman who broke into a house here yesterday around 2PM.  Police continue to flood the house with teargas in hope of driving the suspect out of the house.  At one point during the night police were under serious fire from the bad guy as he shot at them through the floorboards of the home.  Police BEARCAT armored vehicles have pounded the house trying to get an eyeball on the suspect.   In addition, police ordinance specialists have detonated several explosions during the night in an effort to either see the suspect or flush him out of the house.  Police robots have surveyed the house interior for the bad guy but the robots have suffered damage from the police detonations or gotten stuck in damaged house debris.  The house has been something of a controlled war-zone all night long as the cops have mounted a life and death hunt for this fugitive in this house.  The 9 year old boy who was in the house when the crook broke in escaped yesterday with no injuries.  Another large police blast just breached the house again rattling shell-shocked neighbors even more.  Lets hope the cops get take this guy out alive soon.  Our police officers are risking their lives in Greenwood Village tonight and they have shown incredible restraint.  Lets keep them in our thoughts.  Shane Anthony reporting

An Aurora PD BEARCAT vehicle from yesterday.  Exclusive photo by Shane Anthony

An Aurora PD BEARCAT vehicle from yesterday 06/03/15.  Exclusive photo by Shane Anthony

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Greenwood Village CO barricaded gunman VIDEO 06/04/15

06/04/15 Greenwood Village, CO –  See this video shot yesterday of a neighborhood flooded with tactical cops and heavy police equipment.  EXCLUSIVE Video by Shane Anthony

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SWAT cops breach Greenwood Village stand-off house with a big blast 06/04/15

06/04/15 Greenwood Village, CO – 2:00 AM BREAKING NEWS! URGENT:  SWAT teams on the barricaded gunman have just blasted a hole in the wall of the stand-off house with a large explosive device.  The explosion rocked the adjacent homes in the 4200 block of S. Alton St. and startled our crew on the scene as well.  The blast could be heard several miles away.  Stand by for more updates as this dramatic situation continues to unfold.  Shane Anthony reporting /

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